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Archived Stories

  • 15 February, 2021
    Click here to view a powerpoint presentaton by CANEGROWERS Head - Economics Warren Males on Electricity Tariffs.
  • A State Government move to impose a new bureaucratic process on farmers expanding their cropping area along the Queensland coast is unnecessary and duplicates existing regulation on the sugarcane industry.  More...
  • *NEW - Pricing Essentials for Cane Growers Program
    CANEGROWERS has teamed with TAFE Queensland and the Rural Jobs Skills Alliance to create a course for sugarcane growers in this new environment.
    The course will develop:
    the ability to better understand and interpret financial reports and costs of production
    * understanding of factors that influence commodity (sugar) prices
    * strategies to manage the risk of price fluctuations
    * knowledge of forward pricing tools and other emerging technologies and marketing tools
    * understanding and management of business risks

    Click here for a flyer which outlines an opportunity to learn how to increase your profitability.

  • A commitment from the Liberal National Party to reduce electricity costs and establish a set of new agriculture-specific tariffs has been welcomed by the peak sugarcane growers’ organisation CANEGROWERSMore

  • CANEGROWERS Mackay Chairman Kevin Borg today recommended that growers read QCGO’s election booklet which was released earlier this month: “CANEGROWERS Mackay wholeheartedly support the QCGO eight-point plan,” Mr Borg said. “It is an important election and we are seeking all parties’ response to the document. We believe the future of the industry largely hinges around this election.” More
  • The exotic pest fall armyworm has been detected in the Burdekin in North Queensland.  More...
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