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Archived Stories

  • A commitment from the Liberal National Party to reduce electricity costs and establish a set of new agriculture-specific tariffs has been welcomed by the peak sugarcane growers’ organisation CANEGROWERSMore

  • CANEGROWERS Mackay Chairman Kevin Borg today recommended that growers read QCGO’s election booklet which was released earlier this month: “CANEGROWERS Mackay wholeheartedly support the QCGO eight-point plan,” Mr Borg said. “It is an important election and we are seeking all parties’ response to the document. We believe the future of the industry largely hinges around this election.” More
  • Key failings in the way governments have approached policy to assist the Great Barrier Reef have been exposed by the sugarcane growers’ organisation CANEGROWERS at a Senate inquiry in Brisbane.  Click here to view the CANEGROWERS Media Release.
  • The exotic pest fall armyworm has been detected in the Burdekin in North Queensland.  More...
  • All CANEGROWERS Members in the Mackay Sugar area are invited to attend their Mackay Area Committee Annual Information Meeting being held as follows:

    Friday 21 February 2020
    Mackay Turf Club, 9 Peak Downs Highway, Ooralea 
    Dan Galligan, CEO CANEGROWERS Qld will be the Guest Speaker
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