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Career Options

Agricultural Machinery Wholesaling covers the sale of large vehicles and machinery used in the agriculture industries. Primary activities include:
- harvester wholesaling
- tractor wholesaling
- windmill wholesaling
- agricultural implement wholesaling
- agricultural machinery wholesaling
- earthmoving wholesaling
Farm machinery mechanics repair, maintain and test heavy farm vehicles, other engines and related mechanical components.   Primary activities include:
- diagnose, overhaul, repair, tune, maintain and test diesel and petrol/gas powered vehicles
- use oxy. electric welding to replace or repair faulty parts
- detect mechanical and electrical faults by using instruments that check charging and starting circuitry
- repair and maintain the hydraulic components of diesel and petrol/gas engines that are used to power attachments such as hoists, booms, scrapers, buckets and augers
Store persons receive, handle and dispatch goods coming into, or going out of, stores or warehouses. Primary activities include:
- unload goods and check them against order forms
- catalogue or label items with storage details
- complete orders by selecting goods from shelves and checking them off lists
- enter details of received delivery slips, requisitions and invoices into the computer
- count and record the number of items in store
- move heavy packages using forlkift machinery
Farm hands assist farmers and graziers with growing crops and /or feeding and raising livestock. Farm hands may perform the following tasks:
- cultivate soil, sow crops and control weeds by slashing, rotary hoeing or chemical spraying
- take part in harvesting operatons using tractors, harvesters, forklifts and hand tools
- feed livestock and poultry
- prepare milking machinery and assist with milking operations
- ride horses or motorbikes to muster sheep or cattle
- maintain and repair farm buildings, bores, fences, machinery, troughs and other equipment
Sugar cane analysts/auditors are expected to function independently in the sugar mill environment and perform all aspects relating to weighing, tracking, sampling and analysing samples to determine the value of cane. Sugar cane analysts/auditors may perform the following tasks:
- sample and analyse cane supply
- audit the laboratory sampling and cane analysis procedures
- perform data validation, entry and report checking
- maintain records and audit details and prepare reports
Agricultural Supplies Retailing consists of speciality shops that sell chemicals, fertilisers, irrigation components, machinery parts an dother agricultural supplies to the farming community.  Primary activities include:
- explaining to the customers the features of the products
- advising customers which product suits their needs best
- sales of products
- arranging for the delivery of products
- ordering of stock and in-store promotion and displays
Agriculture technical officers provide technical support and advice on aspects of agriculture such as research, production, servicing and marketing. The following tasks may be performed:
- work with agronomists (crop scientists) using small plot experiments
- work with soil scientists to study irrigation techniques
- work with animal breeders using artificial insemination techniques
- record and interpret experimental data in field experiments
- work with plant breeders to produce new strains and select superior products 
Laboratory workers assist scientists, engineers, technical officers by collecting and preparing samples, carrying out experiments and recording results.  These tasks may be performed:
- clean, maintain and set up equipment for use in experiments
- water and observe plants and feed and observe animals in laboratories
- inspect and test animals and plants for diseases
- perform routine mathematical calculations and prepare graphs
- use computers and computer-interfaced equipment
If you are interested in practicl an dmanual work and good with mechanical things, this is a job that you will enjoy.  Rural heavy machinery operators may perform these tasks:
- operate tractor-drawn propelled machinery to plough land and fertilise, plant, cultivate and harvest crops
- adjust speed, height or depth on implements
- service and maintain machinery
- use special tools and equipment
- check safety conditions and avoid damage to plants
Farm maintenance overseers assists farmers an dgraziers with the maintenance of all machinery and infrastructure on the property.  Some tasks will include:
- vehicle maintenance and cleanliness
- vehicle servicing and repairs
- general maintenance of peroperty infrastructure including water troughs, fences, bores, irrigation channels, farm building, tail water/pits/dams
- take part in farming/property operations that require the use of tractors, harvesters, forklifts and handtools

Agricultural scientists study commercial plants, animals and cultivation techniques to improve the productivity and sustainability of farms and agricultural industries.  Some tasks include:
- study environmental factors affecting commercial crop production, pasture growth and animal breeding
- advise farmers on issues such as livestock and crop disease, control of pests and weeds, soil improvement, animal husbandry and feeding programs
- advise farmers and farm managers on techniques for improving the production of crops and livestock
- develop procedures and techniques for solving agricultural problems and improving the efficiency of production
Distribution/Operations Managers develop strong relationships with clients and provide a high quality of service.  A broad knowledge of all aspects of agriculture ensures that you will add value to customer service and coordinate operations efficiently. Some tasks include:
- direct and manage the operations and serviceability of all equipment and facilities to ensure excellent service to customers
- implement policies and procedures for operatonal efficiencies
- ensure safety and regulatory compliance standards are met
- develop and manage operational and capital budget
- manage inventory
Senior environmental scientists manage all aspects of environmental input for projects, co-ordinates multi-disciplinary field teams, studies and investigating reportins. Some tasks can be:
- terrestrial ecological and vegetation assessment
- environmental management
- project management
- contribute to and manage environmental impacts assessments and approval processes
- coaching and mentoring of inexperienced staff

Some of these careers will need either:
- Completion of secondary education - at least to Year 10
- Diploma
- Advanced diploma
- Bachelor degree
- Certificate III in a trade
Some jobs may also require post-graduate study, such as a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Master Degree
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